Thursday, 9 April 2015

I'm 4!

Official birthday... and an awesome one! Paw patrol pressies, pancake breakfast, swimming, pizza, bowling, cinema and cake. Phew and hurrah for a mum and Jack day!

Happy 4th birthday jack!:

Egg hunt

Ooooo... so the easter bunny makes us LOOK for the chocolate? Better get searching!


Chocolate... at 6:30am?! Easter totally rocks.

NAUGHTY easter bunny

A naughty easter bunny snuck into our house without us knowing! Nanny and Grandad, do you know anything about this?!

Birthday no 1

An early birthday cake... well, grannie and grampie DID come over with birthday pressies so I thought it was only right to indulge them with some chocolate cake.

Picnic time!

First picnic of the summer hurrah!

The three amigos

Brotherly and sisterly love... apparently. We reckon it was purely cos the TV was on the right channel.