Sunday, 23 November 2014

Cupcake george

Just call me cupcake!

three little welshies

Rugby's on, better put our kit on too then. Shame Wales lost but we had a great time!!

Santa's been busy!

A letter each from santa hurrah! Apparently we've all been good boys and girls so Christmas is sorted :)

Another day, another coffee shop

Good job we had aoife to keep us company

bedtime brother cuddles!

Love you george xxx

Monday, 17 November 2014

Where do babies come from?

Jack: mummy, you just licked my lolly!
Mum: that's ok Jack,  I did make you after all!
Jack: how did you make me?
Mum: I grew you in my tummy
Jack: did daddy help?
Mum: yes jack, a bit.
Jack: did daddy put me in your tummy?
Mum: yes jack
Jack: how did he put me there mummy?
Mum: errr...
Jack: was it by magic mummy?
Mum: something like that jack yes!

Epic day

Soft play, swimming and then a trip to the doctors... just us 3 and mum and all done without a car. Easy!! Xx