Monday, 25 August 2014

lily first!

hold on a minute lily, how come you got to be first on dads shoulders? #totallyunfair

perfect holiday

hide and seek by the lake followed by stone throwing. a perfect end to a great (tho exhausting for mum and dad?) holiday.

lets get this party started

ive been waiting for the dancing to begin at this wedding for WEEKS. time to bust some moves!

our first wedding

congratulations to jon and dana and thanks for a fab day. Our first wedding experience was a success!

pirate park

a good holiday should always include a visit to a theme park. hooray for log flumes and massive slides!
high five:

kids table

hold on a minute, we thought this was the kids table!

fun with grandad

yes grandad, it IS fun to poke at your eyes. didnt you know?